Rallying Mitsubishi Evo’s on New Hampshire’s Iciest Roads

By Jason H. Harper – Mar 04, 2010

Tim O’Neil appears to be either out of control or simply insane.

He’s sliding a 2010 Mitsubishi Evolution sedan sideways down an ice-slicked woodland road. Turning the wheel, he flies the $44,000 car off a snowy crest and lands downhill, about 16 inches from a massive tree.

I’m in the passenger seat.

A flick of the wheel and a stab on the gas and we slide the other way, averting disaster. I knew what I was getting myself into. Even so, my adrenaline is pulsing.

O’Neil, 50, is a five-time champion American rally driver and the owner of Team O’Neil Rally School & Car Control Center. His facility is 600 acres of closed dirt roads in the deep woods of northern New Hampshire. Continue reading…

The Art of the Slide

Jan. 28 (Bloomberg) — The car is out of control. A moment ago I blasted into a curve too fast and now we’re spinning on a sheet of black ice, careening sideways. I’m sawing the steering wheel, desperately trying to catch the slide.


The Subaru plows into a snow bank and the engine dies.

Continue reading…

Mitsubishi Evolution Is Obsessive’s Dream, Commuter’s Nightmare

Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) — Are you absolutely mad for something? Civil War re-enactments perhaps, “Seinfeld” episodes, scrapbooking? When you discourse on that interest, do friends flee? Does your mate bring up the words “trial separation?”

If that obsession is driving, then the latest Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is for you. If the TV character Monk was into cars, the Evo would be his ride. Continue reading…