Rockin’ Range Rovers: The New Line, Now Muddier

Green Machine: Land Rover LR4 in dirt-beating action

Green Machine: Land Rover LR4 in dirt-beating action

Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) — That’s not a road, that’s a stream running down a steep ravine.

Make no mistake, this is Vermont, that is a road, and I’m slogging up it in a Land Rover LR4, leading a flotilla of sports utility vehicles as water burbles down sodden logs and over big, rounded boulders. Each truck has an off-road instructor aboard, which is a good thing as this is no country for amateurs.

Tata Motors Ltd. bought Land Rover from Ford Motor Co. early last year, and the company recently completed overhauls on its three U.S. models. Over several days in three states, I test the LR4, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover on-asphalt and off.

It’s a rare SUV owner who purposefully dips a tire into a muddy pothole, but Land Rover scrupulously maintains its products’ hardcore 4X4 capabilities. We’re talking fording African rivers and scaling Outback boulders here.

Lean-to: Sliding down the hill in a Range Rover

Lean-to: Sliding down the hill in a Range Rover

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