Living with All-Electric Nissan Leaf, Cold and All

By Jason H. Harper, Bloomberg News, April 21

The Nissan Leaf is the stuff of science fiction. An actual, no-kidding, all-electric car, costing less than $35,000 and aimed at regular consumers.

Yet Nissan opted to wrap this revolutionary ride in excitement-repelling protoplasm. It’s the stuff of Amazing Stories magazine, if you’d take out the cyborgs and time travel, and replaced “amazing” with “sort of interesting.” “Back to the Future” without the flux capacitor, Comic-Con without costumes.

The arrival of a mass-produced electric vehicle (EV), sans gas tank or tail pipes, should feel momentous. You’re not spewing bad stuff into the sky. (The same can’t be said about energy production itself, but still.) Continue reading…

Future Classics: Cars to Buy Today to Make a Buck Tomorrow

Two classics of tomorrow: Corvette ZR1 and Nissan GT-R

We all wish we’d bought Microsoft Corp. stock in the 1980s. But what if you’d tucked away a 1965 Shelby roadster like the one that just sold at auction in Scottsdale, Arizona for more than $1 million? Or garaged a pristine 1971 Dodge Challenger, which went for $187,000, or that rare 1970 Ford Mustang for $275,000?

More to the point, what should you buy now that will turn out to be the collectible car of tomorrow?

Continue reading…