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Why This Mustang Kicks the Arse of European Supercars

Mustang 5.0

Friends: The 5.0-liter and the pump

By Jason H. Harper – Jul 8, 2010 (Bloomberg News)

I have a $150,000 sports car in my parking garage, a handcrafted machine produced overseas in limited numbers. Next to it, I have a U.S.-made Ford Mustang GT, armadas of which will be sold for as little as $30,500.

I tested both the day before, so which to take out today just for the thrill?

“The ‘Stang, please,” I tell Paul and Hector, my trusty garage guys.

Paul raises his eyebrow. Seriously?

Silver Stallion: Boy does it run

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Dodge’s Challenger, With 425 Horsepower, Is One Big, Bad Sucker

July 30 (Bloomberg) — Strange coincidence that when I fire up the 2008 Dodge Challenger’s snorting Hemi V-8, the 1971 Don McLean song “American Pie” blasts through the speakers. Like fashion and music, what’s old in cars will eventually be new again.

When Chrysler Corp. released the original in 1970, the situation was similar: A gas crisis loomed, and it was tardy to the big-engine party. This time, the 425-horsepower car was put into development when our irrational exuberance for power was still going strong. The Challenger and Chevy’s 2010 Camaro will be the final American neo-muscle cars for a long time.


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