Men’s Journal

Rio On the Wild Side


Not all cities are created equal. Not even close. These five GLOBAL CAPITALS OF ADVENTURE combine emerging food and music scenes, fun-loving locals, and the kind of terrain that turns your world into a playground.RIO DE JANEIRO,  

I’m chasing away last night’s caipirinha fumes, running up a steep, twisting road that sparkles in the morning sun. My target, Corcovado, the rain forest covered mountain smack-dab in the middle of Rio de Janeiro, topped by the Christ statue. Racing up the crest, I can hear my reward, a silver waterfall that spools down the mountain. I reach it, breathless. Two women are already bathing there, wearing the tiniest of bikinis, workout clothes flung on the side of the trail. 

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Cowboy Genes


A rugged Wyoming dude ranch tests citified Jason Harper against his homesteading heritage


The riders are kicking up plumes of dust in the distance, silhouettes backlit against the expanse of bald plain and comb-over scrub brush. Hooves make small explosions in the dry dirt as the wranglers blitzkrieg after runaway cows. The sound of mothers bleating for calves floats back to us on a light, cold breeze. I’m atop my own horse, impatience blooming. Our group-a collection of expectant faces topped with mint-new cowboy hats-has been stuck with guard duty, eight newbies forming an equine barricade around a dozen cows and calves. One calf is doing a slow circle around its sad-eyed mother, going nowhere. This is killing me. I’m not built for patience, and neither is Apache, my not so imaginatively named paint horse. His ears are antennaed to where the action is. Continue reading…

World’s Best Road Trips

With gas nearing $4.50 a gallon, you’d think the romantic notion of a road trip had gone the way of woody station wagons and the Beach Boys’ svelte physiques. But no: The highway still calls to travelers, with AAA predicting even more would-be Kerouacs hitting the highway this summer than last. Whether you’re embarking on a classic Stateside sojourn such as Death Valley or going farther afield (Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, anyone?), driving allows you to actually take that road less traveled. And we promise you’ll never be forced to take off your shoes before embarking-unless you plan to stick your bare feet out the passenger window at 65 mph.


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The Right Beach, Right Now


It’s been a stressful year. The whole world needs a vacation. Which means not just any escape will do. You want small, you want secluded, and you want sand? You want what Jason Harper found on three little islands


It starts immediately. The Caribbean has a tendency to announce itself as soon as you exit the airplane. In the British Virgins, I’m greeted by riots of greenery, the smells of cooking meat, and the warm hug of wet heat. Here it is impossible to live in more than a single state of mind. Al Qaeda who?   Continue reading…