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Blow off steam: You too can make loud noises

Blow off steam: You too can make loud noises

By Jason H. Harper

Deep breaths just aren’t working anymore. You’ve sworn off CNBC and your local paper is now history, but there’s no escaping the tsunami of bad economic news. A beach vacation would only give you more time to obsess over how much your 401(k) is losing with each oncoming wave. No, you can’t take this crisis lying down. It’s time to be proactive, to take up arms against a sea of trouble, to really and truly vent. Go ahead, break something, shoot something, blow something up! Hell, even set yourself on fire. We’ve assembled a list of the world’s most aggressive vacations, our picks for the best places to blow off some steam. Firing an AK-47 may not bring back your stock portfolio, but it’s way more fun than egging the houses of AIG execs. {Read the full story]

The World’s Sexiest Winter Lodges


Sexy winter is different from sexy summer. If beach escapades are scant clothing and watching the tide come in, winter retreats are snuggly blankets and watching the snow fall. Whether it’s just the two of you, or a gaggle of ski bums and bunnies worthy of an Abercrombie ad, the right mix of nature, crackling fires, and hot tubs can turn the most blustery day very, very sultry. From a sumptuous old-world Swiss resort alongside the Matterhorn to 1930s-era cabins in Mammoth, California, we’ve tracked down the hot spots that will keep you tingling until the big thaw. Read the rest on

World’s Sexiest Islands


Real life is the enemy of sexiness. Real life is a bad economy, mortgage worries, global warming. Sexiness is the act of shedding worries and slipping off the constraints of real life. Best of luck doing that at home. While finding a sexy beach is a good start, at this point you need more. You need the total escape that comes only with an island, preferably one that’s not merely physically set apart from the mainland but that feels a million miles away. The type where inhibitions are lessened, the locals friendlier and more open-minded, and where less actually is more. Whether you choose a beachy scene like Mykonos or an energetic city island like Hong Kong, these are the places where it’s okay to meet a stranger on the beach or at a club and embark on a licentious adventure. Or where you and your partner can forget about the horrors of the boring old real world and get back to sexy.                                                                 Read

World’s Best Road Trips

With gas nearing $4.50 a gallon, you’d think the romantic notion of a road trip had gone the way of woody station wagons and the Beach Boys’ svelte physiques. But no: The highway still calls to travelers, with AAA predicting even more would-be Kerouacs hitting the highway this summer than last. Whether you’re embarking on a classic Stateside sojourn such as Death Valley or going farther afield (Morocco’s High Atlas mountains, anyone?), driving allows you to actually take that road less traveled. And we promise you’ll never be forced to take off your shoes before embarking-unless you plan to stick your bare feet out the passenger window at 65 mph.


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