GT40, Historic Ferrari Killer, Returns for $100K

Jan. 7 (Bloomberg) — There are cars that race and then there are real race cars. I’m inside America’s most famous example of the latter: the GT40, the “Ferrari killer” of the 1960s.

The Ford GT40 MK II was the weapon that Henry Ford II and Carroll Shelby employed against Enzo Ferrari’s team in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, amazingly winning the top three places. It was the first time a U.S. manufacturer had taken the ultra- prestigious race. A limited number of street-legal GT40s also were made, and today they’re very pricey collector cars.

A turn at the wheel of a GT40 is a rare, wonderful thing. Except there’s a catch: This one didn’t even exist in the ‘60s. Instead, it’s a $100,000 recreation by a company named Superformance.

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