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Ford Hybrid Shows Green Can Be Fun If You Enjoy Being Despised

Keep your eye on the price, the earth's salvation! {The SmartGauge on the Ford Fusion Hbyrid}

Keep your eye on the price, the earth

June 4 (Bloomberg) — I have become what I most hate. As the traffic light turns green on Manhattan’s Park Avenue I feather the gas pedal, softly rolling forward. Horns blare and yellow cabs swirl round my blue Ford like a river divided by a rock.

I coast the Fusion Hybrid to the next light, ignoring the invective directed at me, the maddeningly slow driver clogging up traffic.

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Porsche 911 Faster, Better, More Earth Friendly

Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) — No car on today’s market is as iconic as the Porsche 911. Still carrying a rear-mounted engine and the same basic shape as the first model in 1963, it’s like a sacred cow with wheels.

So when Porsche adds major new technology to their most famous car, aficionados take notice. The 2009 model gets not one significant push forward but two.


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Diesel is Back, and That’s a Good Thing

Oct. 15 (Bloomberg) — “Pee-yeew!” my dad would call out the open window, “You stink!” This was a 1970s-era ritual played out every time we passed a rattletrap diesel-powered car trailing black haze on the highway. Not kind, maybe, but true. Those suckers stunk up the place.   Continue reading…

Mini Clubman Airier, But Still Pretty Tiny

Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) — Up, up, up we go, our bodies tossed side to side. This is a real-world roller-coaster ride, a road with more twists than Coney Island’s Cyclone. Happily my car is up to the task. And unlike the carnival equivalent, there will be no waiting in line: I won’t need to fill up the tank for some 400 miles.

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