In the Garage: Ford Fiesta

Is this the little-car-that-could for Ford? The company has been rocking lately. I plan to find up, with a hiking trip up to New York’s Catskills, which will give me plenty of time on both highways, byways and narrow lil’ roads. Plus, it’s got to handle lots of gear.

Why This Mustang Kicks the Arse of European Supercars

Mustang 5.0

Friends: The 5.0-liter and the pump

By Jason H. Harper – Jul 8, 2010 (Bloomberg News)

I have a $150,000 sports car in my parking garage, a handcrafted machine produced overseas in limited numbers. Next to it, I have a U.S.-made Ford Mustang GT, armadas of which will be sold for as little as $30,500.

I tested both the day before, so which to take out today just for the thrill?

“The ‘Stang, please,” I tell Paul and Hector, my trusty garage guys.

Paul raises his eyebrow. Seriously?

Silver Stallion: Boy does it run

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Behold! The Future Comes in a Ford Transit Van (and Chevy Volt)

I’ve given up on jetpacks. Star Wars light sabers? Not, apparently, in my lifetime. And if regular air travel is any indication, space tourism will be expensive and uncomfortable.

Electric!: Ford Transit Van is the future... who knew?

As for the car of the future? I’m at the wheel of one right now, and it isn’t quite what I’d imagined as an overactive 8- year-old. Rather than a Jetsons flying machine or a Batmobile with afterburner, this looks pretty much like a delivery van.

The Chevy Volt, in the flesh

Exactly like one, actually.

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