Wasn’t That a Lamborghini That Just Whooshed Past?


Svelte Supercar: The $240,000 Lamborghini Superleggera

Congratulations! Your membership in the recession has expired. Throw off that sad shade of Gray Austerity which hardly becomes you. It’s time to abuse your bank account.

But what to buy?

Proud owner: Okay, not so much

You might consider a diamond-encrusted Victoria’s Secret bra. Or perhaps a Greenwich mansion with a dollar-sign shaped swimming pool. Or a Lamborghini. Yes, how about a nice Lambo for the six-car garage?

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Driving The World’s Most Expensive Car (Behind the Scenes)

Nosing Around: The Bugatti Grand Sport is unusual even in the Hamptons

Nosing Around: The Bugatti Grand Sport is unusual even in the Hamptons

What would you do with a cool $2 million? Say you hit the Pick 11 lottery, a long-lost mob-connected uncle croaks, or you found Microsoft stock lining a cardboard box holding ugly dishes in a garage sale.

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Tooling Around (And Not Totaling) the World’s Most Expensive Car

Local: $2.1-million Bugatti Grand Sport in East Hampton

Local: $2.1-million Bugatti Grand Sport in East Hampton

Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) — It’s the ultimate test in self- confidence. You’re refueling Bugatti’s new convertible at a gas station in the Hamptons and the normally gawk-proof locals have gathered around, gawking. One man finally asks The Question.

“How much IS this car, anyway?”

Sliding back into the fine-leather cocoon of your open-top roadster, you fire up the 16-cylinder, 1,001-horsepower engine positioned behind your head.

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Call It An All-American Supercar: The Corvette ZR1

Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) — Can Americans still build a phenomenal car? One can forgive the question, since the Japanese have run away with hybrids and the Germans and Italians rule the sports-car world. Yet one of the brighter spots in the U.S. auto scene is the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 — a relatively inexpensive car that tangos with uber-expensive exotics.  


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