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Behold! The Future Comes in a Ford Transit Van (and Chevy Volt)

I’ve given up on jetpacks. Star Wars light sabers? Not, apparently, in my lifetime. And if regular air travel is any indication, space tourism will be expensive and uncomfortable.

Electric!: Ford Transit Van is the future... who knew?

As for the car of the future? I’m at the wheel of one right now, and it isn’t quite what I’d imagined as an overactive 8- year-old. Rather than a Jetsons flying machine or a Batmobile with afterburner, this looks pretty much like a delivery van.

The Chevy Volt, in the flesh

Exactly like one, actually.

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Future Wave: Electric Cars Are Here (Really Really)

Electric Heat: The Fisker Karma is both electric and sexy

Electric Heat: The Fisker Karma is both electric and sexy

Review by Jason H. Harper

Oct. 29 (Bloomberg) — Cars are going electric and Nissan Motor Co. is leading the way. At least that’s what the Japanese company was saying last spring at a media presentation in Bear Mountain, New York.

Nissan’s plan for a mass-market electric vehicle was surprisingly ambitious, and to prove it wasn’t all talk I was allowed to drive a test car with the electric power train around the parking lot.

The five-door hatchback now has a name, the Leaf, and an on-sale date of December 2010 in select parts of the U.S. The price will likely be around $30,000, with buyers also getting a $7,500 Federal tax rebate for electric vehicles.

Between that discount and savings on electricity versus gasoline, the company claims cost of ownership could be a third less than a comparable, well-equipped car.

“People who thought we were 5 to 10 years from seeing electric vehicles are suddenly realizing we’re only 12 to 14 months away,” said Mark Perry, Nissan’s director of product planning. “Better get ready.” Continue reading…