Rocky Road: Downhill Biking Brings Big Wrecks, Bloody Knees and a Sad Sense Of Mortality

[The injury toll, Day 1: Lost watch; bleeding elbow, both knees, one shin; seriously damaged sense of immortality.] 


So, this is how it’s gonna be. I will be the rock eater, the Curly to the mountain’s Moe. Today, it seems, I’m going to be voted Most Likely To Bleed.

            We’ve all been there-you get together a competitive group (usually dudes) for a challenging day down the slopes, and a high-school gym-class pecking order soon asserts itself. There’s the gungho leaders hucking down the cliffs and shooting through the trees; then the middle-ground contingent who keep up, but a little less spectacularly; and then, well, there’s the guy who’s destined to eat it. Repeatedly.

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