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Four-Door Aston Martin Rapide, Cool Car, Cool $200K

By Jason H. Harper – Apr 08, 2010 (Bloomberg)

Four ways to get in: Aston Martin Rapide

There are only three $200,000 Aston Martin Rapides in the U.S., and one is sitting in the circular courtyard of Bloomberg LLC’s New York building, causing a stir.

“I’ve seen all kinds of expensive cars parked out here, but never anything like this,” says a doorman from next door.

Unlike auto-obsessed Los Angelinos, most New Yorkers are car blind except when it comes to catching taxis at dinnertime. The fact that this sedan is drawing pedestrians off the street and from the offices above speaks to something special. Something Aston Martin special.

“What the heck is that thing?” asks one onlooker. “It’s gorgeous!”

The answer is the new four-door Rapide, a sensuous supermodel which belies sedan sensibilities. Look at its overall height, the smooth-flowing roofline and characteristic Aston nose and grill, and it reads as a sports car. Chances are you won’t even notice those extra two doors. Continue reading…

Hotness is a Topless Aston Martin DBS Volante

Little road, big car: The Aston Martin DBS Volante in all its glory

Little road, big car: The Aston Martin DBS Volante in all its glory

Sept. 3 (Bloomberg) — We all have dream lists. There are many versions, from the celebrities you’d like to sleep with, to the stocks you wish you’d bought 20 years ago. (Best of luck on either of those.)

List mania afflicts car nuts particularly. I try to keep my dream garage limited to five often-changing picks, from a Land Rover Defender 90 for off-road adventures to a vintage Porsche 911 Turbo for Sunday drives. I’d need something solely for the racetrack like a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and maybe a luxury people- hauler such as a BMW 750Li or an Audi S8.

Which leaves one space for a flashy, super-sexy sports car, meant to snap heads at stoplights whether you’re moving or not.

I’ve got a soft spot for Aston Martins and last November when I reviewed the $270,000, 510-horsepower, sex-on-wheels DBS, my imaginary stable was complete.

But what dreams may come. Continue reading…

Travels With Aston: Me And the DB9 In The English Countryside

Fields of Gold: Dreams of ol yeller while crusing in the Coswolds

Late June, and it’s raining incessantly in New York — and somehow the weather is better in the English countryside. I’ve been let loose on the narrow, narrow lanes in an Aston Martin DB9, in the Coswolds, north of London. It’s kind of like the Hamptons, only with more tea and crumpets, less beach. Here’s my story in photos — a day’s drive. Continue reading…

Bond, Baby, and His $270,000 Aston Martin DBS

Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — The scene: A snaking road coiled around high cliffs, with three empty lanes. The soundtrack: The incredible roar of a V-12 engine under full throttle, tires singing and 510 horses shrieking.

Bond, Baby

The silver $270,000 Aston Martin DBS streaks down the straightaway and through the curves, composed and powerful. It’s not a clip from a James Bond movie, but it’s about as cinematic a moment as a real person can hope for. Continue reading…