Editorial strategy + brand consulting

Emotion counts, whatever the story


Skills + experience

  • Editorial consultant + strategist
  • Content creation (video, social, digital)
  • Creative director
  • Brand consultant
  • Public relations/marketing consultant


Stories are the most natural thing in the world. You tell them to get people to laugh, to engage, to enjoy spending time with you. And yet businesses and brands muck up storytelling all the time. When you’re focusing on the end goal — things like audience engagement, brand awareness, or sales  — it’s easy to lose the best elements of a story. And, voila! — you’ve lost your audience.

The best stories are not the overwrought ones you came up with in the pitch meeting, but the one you tell your friends that night over a drink. Start with the emotion and the excitement. Over two decades telling stories professionally,  that’s my biggest secret: I tell the same stories to my greater audience that I would tell to my best friends over a great meal.

I used to tell those stories for magazines, TV shows, and websites, but increasingly these days I find myself also telling those stories for companies and brands that need guidance in the art of storytelling. It’s always been hard to get people to pay attention. These days, it’s even harder.


I’ve consulted with brands such as Audi USA, Lexus, Bentley Motors, and General Motors to help them come up with better ways to tell stories and find the right audience for their products. I’ve also worked with public relations and marketing firms like Edelman, Finn Partners, and Weber Shandwick on behalf of their clients.

Time Inc. and TrueCar brought me in to help conceive of and create digital media properties from the ground up, as did Condé Nast with its travel website, Concierge.com. I was also the co-creator and host of TV shows at the Travel Channel and Bloomberg TV.

Video + TV: Full production services

In addition to digital and print editorial services, I can help provide full turn-key production services for films, TV, and video, with my business partner, Zoomari Films/Driving Pants Productions. See this behind the scenes for a taste!

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