Climate crisis readiness

It’s impossible to ignore: We are living in the Disaster Age. If the fires in California and Australia don’t point the way to the scary future, look to Houston and the floods; Puerto Rico and the hurricanes.

I wanted to protect my family as best as I can. As a New Yorker, it isn’t easy to figure out how to put away essential emergency supplies, or the best ways to evacuate the city.

For these reasons, I put together Preparation Concierge — a media site devoted to practical emergency advice. It is especially aimed at those of us who live in big urban centers, the coasts, and the suburb. In other words, not your Rambo, survivalist types.

We offer users level 101 information and advice, and a smartly curated list of gear, food, and water solutions. We don’t accept advertising, and no one pays us for our reviews. We are unbiased.