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401 Miles in… Louisiana. Automobile Magazine

By Jason H. Harper

May 2013 issue

Sitting by the dock by the bay...

Sitting by the dock by the bay…

It’s eerie out here. The bayou forest sucks up sounds like a vegetative sponge. Even the Teutonic gnash of a 5.5-liter Mercedes-AMG V-8 sounds small. Trees covered in creeper vines and pale green moss stretch over this thin excuse for a road.

We’ve just crossed into Louisiana from Mississippi, and our 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL63 AMG looks like it popped out of another universe. Clad in Miami white and with bits of carbon fiber, 530 hp, and a folding hard top, it carries an as-tested price of $167,950. And two worlds collide.


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Hey, Look at Me in My Lambo!, Automobile Magazine



By Jason H. Harper

May 2013

Let’s play a game of pretend. Let’s pretend that the dude who’s able to drop a half-mill-something for the top-of-the-range, screw-sanity Lamborghini Aventador Roadster actually cares about how it drives — about throttle tip-in, the ministrations of the differential, how strenuously the back end wiggles under brain-pan-smushing decelerations. Let’s pretend that he won’t drop $445,300 (and maybe $70K in options) and head straight for South Beach to see how many halter-top-wearing hotties he can cram into the leather passenger seat before Miami’s vice squad takes notice. Lamborghini launched the topless version of the Aventador in — claro que si! — South Beach. Italians have never been afraid to embrace cliche, especially when it’s working for them, and under the vast umbrella of the VW Group, Lamborghini is doing quite well indeed, thank you. The headed-for-pasture Gallardo was its bestselling model ever, and more than 1200 examples of the Aventador can be found bedazzling locals from Boston to Beijing.


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Dances with Porsches, Automobile Magazine

by Jason H. Harper

This is Porsche ballet. My car glides over an all-white stage, a landscape skimmed in snow and ice. It is a new, very blue Carrera 4S, one of the first 991 all-wheel-drive models in North America, and it is full of grace. The road before me is a track plowed out of deep powder, high snow banks on either side, with an upcoming sharp left-hander. Long before the car reaches the traditional turn-in point, I yank the wheel hard left and then wait. The car goes silently sideways and, although the nose of the 911 points directly at the bank, it’s moving laterally and sweeps by like a ship gliding past an iceberg.


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