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Infiniti FX50 Sleek, Fun Crossover


Nov. 19 (Bloomberg) — Funny how quickly the language of design changes. When the Infiniti FX first hit the roads in 2003 as a so-called “crossover,” many thought it was a strange beast. It was as big as an SUV, yet its lines and proportions were like a sports sedan’s.

Today the Infiniti’s oversized athleticism seems modern if not cutting-edge, and we see crossovers like the hefty Ford Flex and odd duck from BMW, the X6. Still, I liked the look of the FX from the beginning, and today I’d likely opt for the second- generation model over more ungainly competitors.   (more…)

World’s Sexiest Islands


Real life is the enemy of sexiness. Real life is a bad economy, mortgage worries, global warming. Sexiness is the act of shedding worries and slipping off the constraints of real life. Best of luck doing that at home. While finding a sexy beach is a good start, at this point you need more. You need the total escape that comes only with an island, preferably one that’s not merely physically set apart from the mainland but that feels a million miles away. The type where inhibitions are lessened, the locals friendlier and more open-minded, and where less actually is more. Whether you choose a beachy scene like Mykonos or an energetic city island like Hong Kong, these are the places where it’s okay to meet a stranger on the beach or at a club and embark on a licentious adventure. Or where you and your partner can forget about the horrors of the boring old real world and get back to sexy.                                                                 Read on:Concierge.com

Bond, Baby, and His $270,000 Aston Martin DBS

Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) — The scene: A snaking road coiled around high cliffs, with three empty lanes. The soundtrack: The incredible roar of a V-12 engine under full throttle, tires singing and 510 horses shrieking.

Bond, Baby

The silver $270,000 Aston Martin DBS streaks down the straightaway and through the curves, composed and powerful. It’s not a clip from a James Bond movie, but it’s about as cinematic a moment as a real person can hope for. (more…)

How Dodge Tough Is the New Ram Pickup?

Nov. 5 (Bloomberg) — With Chrysler’s sales plunging 35 percent in October, its future is hardly so bright that it needs shades. How bad are things? Well, while the company pursues merger talks with General Motors, its best hope for quick sales is the Dodge Ram — an updated pickup truck.

The Truck World and the Urban Universe often seem as if they need a translator (or a politician) who can bridge the two. While it’s rare to see a pickup on New York’s Madison Avenue, trucks are much valued in other parts of the country.   (more…)

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