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Automobile Magazine: 155 Miles in… Washington State

155 Miles in Washington with a 2014 Lexus IS350The naked woman was a surprise. A cold blustery day, some twenty-five miles out of Seattle, and we wanted to warm up with a hit of hot coffee. We tooled our red Lexus IS sedan up to a roadside espresso shack; the window slid back and, voilà! Naked woman. Nearly, anyway.

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Automobile Magazine: Prodigal Son

This is it: The piece I’m most proud of, all year. Easily. My return to New Mexico, with my baby son, to the ranch where three generations of Harper men have been born and raised.

Truck Tales: A GMC HomecomingDad and I are headed to the hills, he in his GMC Sierra pickup, me in mine. Dust kicks up from the rear tires, blowing up into the blue sky toward the high desert mesas.

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Tesla and Travel

Jetsetter has a sale on where you can stay in great properties in Vegas, Napa or Vancouver, with use of an all-electric Tesla. Niiiice mix. I’ve got a blog about experience of actually driving one. Check it at Jetsetter.com!

Baja Adventure: Rolling, Jumping and Rocking $100K Buggies

BLOOMBERG March 10, 2011

Big on Baja: The buggy

I’m blinking sand from my eyes, rocketing down a dirt road off the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

A hill looms ahead and my co-driver yells for me to gun it. I do, and all four of our dune buggy’s wheels quit the ground.

Now we are in the air, flying — control ceded to gravity — then snap back to earth.

“Do it again!” my buddy Boyd shouts. That went okay, so why not?

We’re in a $100,000 dune buggy, a race-built machine without doors or windshields, on a driving tour through the Baja California peninsula. Every few minutes the surreal beauty alternates with “am-I-gonna-survive-this?” adrenaline. (more…)

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