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Jetsetter has a sale on where you can stay in great properties in Vegas, Napa or Vancouver, with use of an all-electric Tesla. Niiiice mix. I’ve got a blog about experience of actually driving one. Check it at!

Baja Adventure: Rolling, Jumping and Rocking $100K Buggies

BLOOMBERG March 10, 2011

Big on Baja: The buggy

I’m blinking sand from my eyes, rocketing down a dirt road off the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

A hill looms ahead and my co-driver yells for me to gun it. I do, and all four of our dune buggy’s wheels quit the ground.

Now we are in the air, flying — control ceded to gravity — then snap back to earth.

“Do it again!” my buddy Boyd shouts. That went okay, so why not?

We’re in a $100,000 dune buggy, a race-built machine without doors or windshields, on a driving tour through the Baja California peninsula. Every few minutes the surreal beauty alternates with “am-I-gonna-survive-this?” adrenaline. Continue reading…