Holy Hotness, Batman! The Original Batmobile

BLOOMBERG March 24, 2011

Bat front! The original 1960s Batmobile

This is every kid’s dream. I’m sitting in the Batmobile, a gonzo fantasy car with parachutes and fins so big they look like wings.

I’ve arrived at a custom-car garage in North Hollywood to meet two automotive legends — the original car from the 1960s Batman TV show (“Pow!” “Zap!” “Kaboom!”) and its creator, 85-year-old George Barris.

I’ve even been promised a drive in the Caped Crusader’s cruiser…if only it will stop raining. Continue reading…

Baja Adventure: Rolling, Jumping and Rocking $100K Buggies

BLOOMBERG March 10, 2011

Big on Baja: The buggy

I’m blinking sand from my eyes, rocketing down a dirt road off the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

A hill looms ahead and my co-driver yells for me to gun it. I do, and all four of our dune buggy’s wheels quit the ground.

Now we are in the air, flying — control ceded to gravity — then snap back to earth.

“Do it again!” my buddy Boyd shouts. That went okay, so why not?

We’re in a $100,000 dune buggy, a race-built machine without doors or windshields, on a driving tour through the Baja California peninsula. Every few minutes the surreal beauty alternates with “am-I-gonna-survive-this?” adrenaline. Continue reading…

Rolls-Royce $300,000 ’Baby’ Ghost Doesn’t Make Me a Kardashian

BLOOMBERG Feb. 24, 2011

Rolls-Royce Ghost...

Pulling up to a hot restaurant in West Hollywood in a $302,000 Rolls-Royce feels just as dope as you would imagine. Eyes swivel and the valets get a hungry look.


That’s the sound of my credibility deflating as I accidentally trigger the windshield wipers, and cleaning fluid douses the entire scene in a fine mist.

So goes living with a Ghost. Over four days motoring around Los Angeles, I sip draughts of the good life, so afforded because of the assumption that I can afford this assemblage of sparkling chrome and butter-cream leather. The Ghost gets parked in the prime spot every single time. Continue reading…