Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign [Part 2]

Signs around the world that I’ve photographed which roundly amuse me… Part 1 is here

Found in Burma, and you know, it really IS sound advice… Be care of fire!


A street named after Martin Luther King, not so unusual. But the fact that I photographed it in Cordoba, Argentina — that’s pretty cool.

Perhaps Communist China needs a good PR person: This at the Great Wall. You, yeah, you. Tourist. Getthefuckouttahere.


Granted, I grew up in a small town. But, well, jeez. That’s the towns around Death Valley, CA, for you. 


A sign at Red Capital Ranch, two hours outside of Beijing. Speaks for itself. [Related story about hiking around the wall here.}


Found in Mongolia’s vast Gobi desert. I believe it translates to: Last Gas For 600 miles.


A really, really old sign: Prehistoric markings on a rock on a windswept hill in Mongolia’s Gobi desert. I think this one means: Last food for 600 miles. 


Burmese law… Funny? Not so much. Makes even our Rockefeller laws seem a bit less draconian, right?