Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign [Part 1]

I could claim that these signs I’ve stumbled upon on my travels represent something more transcendent… a metaphysical representation of the culture and place. But mostly they’re just kinda funny. Or interesting. Or, hell, I just like them. 

{Above, what passes for a public safety campaign in Burma: Drive carefully or DIE! So Pulp Fiction.}


Wyoming Wisdom: Yes, it’s bear country, and special rules DO apply. 

#1: If there’s two of you, the slower runner loses. 

#2: Tripping the faster runner is allowed. 

#3: Don’t allow a “friend” to tape a sandwich to your back. (Really—and you know who you are.)

Mexican Logic: An extremely helpful sign in the desert in Baja. And one wonders why things are in such a disarray down there  right now…



Molokai, Hawaii: I must admit, I neither know what a nene is, nor completely understand how these birds can calculate mileage. 


Not a lot of traffic in Death Valley… So… really?


More Wyoming: Nothing funny about it, but I always figure these kind of signs bode well — particularly when I’ve got a sports car. 


Junta Justice: A bit more of Burma… Sorry officer. I really didn’t know what the sign said… Please stop beating me now.