Morocco to the Max


The best fuel for some trips is pure adrenaline. Between galloping in the High Atlas and kitesurfing off a next-big-thing beach town, Jason Harper found a nation both deeply traditional and thrillingly young

I yank hard on the reins, slowing Sakoi enough to get him turned around on the mountain road. Through the thin saddle, I can feel the energy in his ropy muscles. The last gallop has heated him like a vacuum tube; he’s in a frenzy to run.

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I’ve got a piece of that frenzy too. This gallop is what I most wanted. Minutes ago, before trading my gentle nine-year-old mount for this fine six-year-old, Hassan gave me a manful, long look and asked, “You have ridden really fast before, yes?”-and I couldn’t admit the whole truth. Sure, I’ve ridden fast before. But nothing, truly, like Sakoi.   Continue reading…