Bridging brands and audiences

I tell stories that stoke passions and inspire outcomes, prompting people to take that dreamed-of journey or act on an aspiration —  and ultimately connecting them to an idea, brand, or place. Looking to create an emotional bridge to a passionate audience? I do that.

I’ve spent two-plus decades crafting vibrant, emotional stories for editorial powerhouses such as Condé Nast Publishing, Time Inc., and Bloomberg News, and conceptualizing and executing marketing campaigns for brands like Audi USA and General Motors.

Conversant across video, digital, and print platforms, I’ve served as an executive editor at a Condé Nast website, a creative director at Driving Pants Productions (with clients like Bentley Motors), and helped create and launch digital media brands at Time Inc. and TrueCar.

I’m also the founder of Preparation Concierge, a disaster advice media company aimed at preparing individuals and companies for the climate crisis.

  • Editorial & content strategy
  • Creative director, video/digital campaigns
  • Content creation — digital, video, print
  • Branded narratives
  • Marketing strategies
  • Brand consultant
  • Consultant for marketing/PR firms
  • Speaker and TV/video host
  • Writer
Harper was the first guest speaker in SOG’s “Observations With” webinar series